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Grandrieu en Margeride, Highlands of Lozère, Granite's land, silence's land...


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Grandrieu is located in the middle of Margeride, one Lozère's 4 regions with Aubrac, Cévennes and Causses, at an altitude between 1000 and 1500 meters. Margeride is a granitic mountain with softly polished shapes. It is covered with Calluna moors (heather), huckleberries where you can find Scots Pine, spruce and beech forests.

Granite can be found everywhere. It is a hard and crystalline rock, eroded by time. It constitutes magnificient granitic blockfields from which Margeride's strength comes from.

This same granite constitutes the rough and robust architecture of the farms and houses located on these high plateaus.

There is water everywhere. It goes all over the territory in the form of narrow streams, some calm, others pouring down, incrusted under the ground.the ground.

Welcome to Grandrieu.



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